Manatawny Creek Farm


Manatawny Creek Farm hybrid daylilies was started by Peter & Lyn Misiaszek, Spangsville, PA, in the mid 1990's as a small hobby. The business grew over the years as people learned of the quality, size, and price they would receive when buying daylily plants from Manatawny Creek Farm. The small hobby became a full time summer business limiting the free time the Misiaszeks desired in their retirement. In 2005, they talked to several local greenhouse/nursery growers mentioning their interest in closing or selling the business. One of the businesses mentioned it to Tim Glick to see if he would be interested in the business. Tim discussed it with family and his fiancée, Michelle. Everyone thought it would be a good additional venture for the farm. After returning from their honeymoon in August 2005, Tim & Michelle bought Manatawny Creek Farm hybrid daylilies from Peter & Lyn Misiaszek. Tim, Michelle, and family members spent the next 3 weeks transplanting all the daylilies to their farm approximately ˝ mile down the Manatawny Creek from the Misiaszek’s.