Introduced: 1946
Height: 31"
Ploidy: Diploid
Habit: Evergreen
Bloom time: Extra Early, Extended
Bloom size: Unknown
Bloom type: Single
Not Fragrant

In the introduction year, A.B. Stout described it as:
" For its season of flowering in late May and early June the Caprice Daylily is a distinctive and somewhat new type. The flowers are relatively small (about 2.5 inches in spread), full, cup-shaped and rich brownish red. The sepals have a border or margin of cadmium which is the color of the throat. The buds are dark brownish red. The scapes are usually about 2 feet long and the flowers are mingled with or somewhat surmounted by the tips of the foliage. The habit of the plant strongly resembles that of Hemerocallis minor, which is the seed parent. The pollen parent was a complex hybrid which had in its parentage H. flava, H. fulva clone Europa and H. Middendorffii. "
( cited from: Journal of the New York Botanical Garden, 1946, vol. 47, p. 77-82 )