Introduced: 1941 as HARLEQUIN
Height: 40"
Ploidy: Diploid
Habit: Evergreen
Bloom time: Early-Mid,Rebloom,Extended
Bloom size: 8"
Bloom type: Single (Spider-Variant)
Not Fragrant

In the introduction year, A.B. Stout described it as:
" The blades of the petals are rather uniformly red, of a shade near to carmine and to English red of Ridgeway, and to the vermilion of the Garden Dictionary. The throat and sepals are golden yellow except for a few red streaks in the sepals. Thus the pattern is a bicolor in two tones that are concentric in the petals. The flowers are medium-large (to about 6 inches in full spread) with petals rather long and recurving. The scapes are nearly 4 feet tall. Compared with the Bicolor Daylily the red coloring is darker and the shape of the flower is quite different. The plant has robust stature (about 40 inches) and the flowering is mostly in July, but may extend into August. "
( cited from: Journal of the New York Botanical Garden, 1941, vol. 42, p. 10-17 )