Blanche Hooker

Introduced: 1946
Height: 36"
Ploidy: Diploid
Habit: Evergreen
Bloom time: Early, Rebloom
Bloom size: Unknown
Bloom type: Single
Not Fragrant

In the introduction year, A.B. Stout described it as:
" Visitors have frequently classed this plant as the "best red" of all the numerous seedlings in bloom at the New York Botanical Garden during the last ten days of May. There is also a second rather profuse period of flowering in September and October. The flowers have a spread of about 4.5 inches; the color of the throat is near deep chrome or light cadmium (a shade of orange), and the blades are near brick red (Ridgway) and slightly more intense in the midzone. The scapes reach a height of about 3 feet. The foliage is evergreen and there is some winter injury at New York.
Mrs. Elon Huntington Hooker (Blanche Ferry Hooker), in whose honor this daylily is named, has been a member of the Corporation of the New York Botanical Garden since 1933, a member of the Advisory Council since 1931, its chairman from 1934 to 1941, and a member of the Board of Managers since January 8, 1934. "
( cited from: Journal of the New York Botanical Garden, 1946, vol. 47, p. 77-82 )