Introduced: 1941
Height: 30"
Ploidy: Diploid
Habit: Evergreen
Bloom time: Early, Extended, Rebloom
Bloom size: 5"
Bloom type: Single

In the introduction year, A.B. Stout described it as:
" A concentric and sharply contrasted two-toned pattern marks this flower; there is an orange throat outside of which both the sepals and petals are a sprightly fulvous red of the shade near Brazil red (Ridgeway). The petals are wide, semi-rounded, and recurving and the flower is full. The much branched scapes rise to a height of 28 inches and are scarcely taller than the foliage. The season of flowering is June. "
( cited from: Journal of the New York Botanical Garden, 1941, vol. 42, p. 10-17 )