August Glow

Introduced: 1956
Height: 30"
Ploidy: Diploid
Habit: Semi Evergreen
Bloom time: Late
Bloom size: Unknown
Bloom type: Single
Not Fragrant

In the introduction year, A.B. Stout described it as:
" All of these clones have foliage that is dormant or semi-dormant, and all have proved fully hardy.
The three remaining clones of the present list flowered as young seedlings at The New York Botanical Garden, and hence their selection has been made by H. G. Seyler of the Farr Nursery Company. They have been judged to have special merit as late-blooming clones. 'August Glow' has thus far flowered in late August and until as late as September 10. The flowers are rather small with a spread of about two and a half inches. Their general color is a coppery buff with a somewhat darker mid-zone and a paler stripe along the mid-vein of each petal (figure 8). This clone is a complex hybrid derived by crossing a late-flowering plant of H. multiflora with red-flowered selections that were strongly H. fulva in descent. "
( cited from: The Garden Journal, 1956, vol. 6, p. 9-11 )